The Language of Flowers

language of flowersThe Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh


Victoria grew up in the foster care system and the system did her no favors.  She turns 18 and doesn’t have a plan of how she wants her life to turn out.  She trusts no one and has nothing.  Her only thought is to plant her own garden…in a city park.  Her love of flowers and some random occurrences help her find her way.  When a mysterious flower vendor starts looking at her a little too hard, it brings her past back and the questions of what she left behind.

My Thoughts:

This book was a monthly selection for our book club.  It is not a book I probably would have picked up on my own.

I had no idea that flowers have their own language and that giving someone certain flowers actually has meaning behind it.

The fact that Victoria didn’t have enough ambition to get a plan for her life while she was at the transition house, drove me crazy.  Things seemed to fall into her lap that I often thought a little bit unrealistic.  She was a kid with no plan, no plan to get a plan, and a plan fell in her lap.  Hmm…

Despite the fact that some of it seemed a bit far-fetched, I did enjoy the book.  I enjoyed the chapters alternating from present time to when she was growing up.  I wanted the best for all the characters involved and wanted to be able to jump in the book and give them advice.


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