Open Road Summer

open road summerOpen Road Summer by Emery Lord


Reagan’s life got a little out of control and she’s ready to get it back.  Heading out on the tour bus with her best friend and pop star, Lilah Montgomery, is surely the best way to spend her summer vacation.

Lilah works hard to keep a clean image so when pictures get leaked to the press that look a little steamier than they actually were, Lilah has a slight meltdown.  Her manager decides the best way to distract the press from the pictures is to invite heartthrob, Matt Finch, on the tour as her opening act.  Surely the press will think Lilah has a new love interest and forget all about the old controversy even though Lilah and Matt are just great friends.

This book follows Reagan, Lilah, and Matt on a summer adventure they will never forget.

My Thoughts:

This book was everything I had hoped it would be.  A fun, easy read that you could pick up and forget all your troubles.  There are definitely some scenes that describe Reagan’s past that  include drinking and teens being in compromising positions but it does not overpower the promise that Reagan realizes she has made bad decisions and she’s ready to make a change.  The author does a nice job exposing the issues that have caused Reagan to make bad choices without making it seem like an after-school special.  I also enjoyed looking into the life of a pop star, realizing it isn’t all fun and games.  It would be very annoying to not be able to run into a gas station and make your own snack choices.  I appreciated that Reagan was able to own her past actions and try to change rather than continue down a dark path.  Without giving away a spoiler:  when all the drama of relationships come to a head, I did find it a little annoying that characters chose to run rather than talk but in the end, it was a fun summer read.


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