If He Had Been With Me

if he had been with meBook Summary:

The book starts with the narrator, Autumn, explaining that if Finn had been with her, and he hadn’t been arguing with Sylvie, things would have been much different.

Then you are taken back to the beginning of high school, a time where Autumn and Finn, who had been best friends throughout their entire childhood, start drifting apart.  Like many do as they grow older, they interests and friend choices drove them apart when though they were next door neighbors.  There is always a special pull between the two of them but they are fighting that pull with all the stresses of high school.

You follow Autumn and Finn throughout their high school career until you end up at the night Autumn thinks things would have been so much different if he had been with her and not with Sylvie.

My Thoughts:

Wow!  What an interesting read!  You start the book knowing how it ends and you still get shocked by the ending.  The story of Autumn and Finn is so sweet.  They started out as next door neighbors and best friends.  They have a sweet, strong friendship until high school starts pulling them apart.  You watch their relationship knowing that simple decisions they each make pulls them further apart instead of making them closer.  I really liked the characters in this book and wanted the best for them.  Sometimes Autumn made decisions that made me want to shake her, but don’t we all?  Especially when we are in high school?  I loved this book from the beginning to the end.  I didn’t want it to end, especially when I knew what was coming, yet it was still a tear-jerker.  Highly recommended!


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