Everything Everything

everything everythingBook Summary:

Maddy is allergic to everything.  In order to keep her healthy, she must live inside her vacuum sealed house and never leave it.  She does online school and has a nurse/caretaker that comes while her mother is at work as a doctor.

She is pretty content with her life until new neighbors move in across the street.  Suddenly, Maddie cares a lot about what’s going on outside her house and especially what’s going on with the cute new neighbor, Olly.  She wants to find a way to meet him.

This is all so new to Maddie.  She has never kept anything from her mom before and now, she will do anything to get to meet his boy and join his world.

My Thoughts:

When I first heard about this book and people referred to Maddie as a kid in a bubble, I was pictures that old movie Boy in the Bubble.  So the fact that Maddie was able to touch and interact with anyone was more than I expected.  At the beginning of the book, Maddie handles her situation with a great attitude, although she has never known any different.  When the new neighbors move in, she is obsessed with getting to know Olly.  The author does a good job of giving Maddie a genuine teen character who wants to keep things from her mom and tries to find her own identity.  A book about a girl in a bubble makes you wonder how it could be exciting but this book definitely has twists and turns you don’t see coming.  You know you are invested in a book when the characters decisions make you so mad and you want to jump in the pages to help them.  This is definitely one of those books.


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