Big Little Lies

big little liesBook Summary:

This is the story of several families and how their lives intertwine.  As the story begins, we meet single mom, Jane.  She is new to town, trying to get a fresh start.  Then there’s Celeste who is just trying survive life with her wild twin sons.  Finally, Madeline is figuring out how to handle the fact that her ex-husband’s new child is in the same kindergarten class as their youngest, all while trying to keep up the appearance of a perfect life.

This is another one of those books, where you know part of the ending at the beginning of the book.  We find out that something has happened at one of the school’s events for parents.  There are police involved and we will have to go back to the beginning to figure out this sordid tale.

My Thoughts:

Parents who want everything to appear to be perfect are some of my biggest pet peeves.  My kids are wonderful, but sometimes they drive me crazy.  That’s life, no matter if you want people to know the truth or not.  When I started this book, I was afraid the characters were going to drive me crazy.  I found myself relating to Jane.  Here is this single-mom who just wants to mind her own business and do what’s best for her son but she keeps getting dragged into everyone else’s business.  Or is she as innocent to all of it as we think?  This books kept my attention and I had no idea how it would end until the very end.  I even had to go back and reread the ending to make sure that I got all of the details of how it ended.  Good read!


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