Some Boys

some boysBook Review:

When Grace accuses the golden-boy of the high school of raping her, everyone turns against her.  They say she was asking for it by the way she dressed, that she had wanted it to happen, along with calling her every name in the book.

When Grace finally gets fed up and acts out, she gets detention cleaning lockers over spring break.  The first day, she shows up and finds out she will be cleaning lockers with Ian, the golden boy’s best friend.  She’s sure Ian will be just as horrible as everyone else has been and she’s scared of him.

Ian is a guy with conflicting views.  He is kind to Grace when everyone thinks he shouldn’t be.  He starts to doubt his own friends.  He has to decide what kind of guy he wants to be: one that fits in the with crowd or one that stands up for what is right.

My Thoughts:

I think there should be a must-read book for high schoolers that would help them survive high school.  Books like Speak and Just Listen are on that list.  I think Some Boys should be added to my imaginary list.  The more kids who read this, boys and girls, the better place any high school will be.  There are many great conversation starters throughout the book.  How could teachers even turn against Grace?  How the parents in the book handle the situation is pretty profound also.  Because of the subject matter, this book is definitely for high schoolers but get it in every high schooler’s hand that you can and help make this world a better place.


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