The Crown

the crownBook Summary:

In Book 5 of the Selection series, we pick up where we left off in The Heir.  Eadlyn’s twin brother has run off to marry a princess in another country and the Queen has just suffered a medical emergency and we don’t know if she will make it or not.

Eadlyn has enough to worry about with her personal life but she is still conducting her own Selection to find a prince suitable to marry her.  She is getting to the tricky part of the Selection where she has to start getting rid of suitors that she truly cares for.

She is also taking over the crown while her father tends to her mother.  She is aware the public doesn’t have the best impression of their princess and she wants more than anything to change their minds, while still finding her true love.

My Thoughts:

It isn’t very often that I take a book home from my library before my students get a chance to read it, especially this close to the end of the school year.  This book was the exception.  I just had to know what happened so I read it quickly while the hold list grew and grew at school.  It did not disappoint.  I have come to love this royal family so much through the first four books.  Eadlyn had a hard decision deciding who she should marry.  Each character had their own quirks although sometimes I forgot who was who.  I wouldn’t rate this book a 5-star rating because I thought the first half was a little slow.  Once we got towards the end it picked up and was everything I had hoped it would be but I thought it had a slow start.  There were a few surprises in the book and one event that caught me completely off-guard but I had this one figured out in book 4. I knew what was going to happen, just had to see how they got there.  Overall, I liked the book a lot.  I REALLY liked that it doesn’t have a cliff-hanger ending and even though I’m sad to see the series end, it could end with this book very neatly.


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