The Girl I Used to Be

girl i used to beBook Summary:

Olivia’s mother was killed when Olivia was three years old.  Her father was nowhere to be found and Olivia was dumped at a Walmart hours away, so everyone assumed her father was the killer.  Olivia is seventeen now so when part of her father’s remains are discovered, the mystery opens back up.  Olivia lives a few hours away but her curiosity gets the best of her as she heads back to her hometown to try to find out more.

As she is snooping around her old house, a neighbor mistakes her for a prospective renter and opens Olivia’s life up to all of her parents’ old friends and acquaintances.  People are talking about the murders and how they always thought the worst of Olivia’s father.  If the killer is someone they know, what will they do when they find out who Olivia really is?

My Thoughts:

April Henry always writes great books and this is no exception.  The beginning of the book starts with Olivia running for her life through the woods.  Then it goes back three weeks to see what has led to that chase.  I really liked that approach in this books because I found myself forgetting about the first chapter and then I would remember and wonder what led her there.  I really liked Olivia as a character and admired her strength to be so independent as a seventeen-year-old, yet not completely guarded against relationships.  My only complaint about this book is that I stayed up too late reading it because I had to know how it ended.


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