Night Swimming

night swimmingBook Summary:

Charlotte lives an average life in an average town.  When she gets the worst news ever, that she has one year to live, she decides to do something drastic.  Her plans move along a little too quickly when she misses the call from the doctor that tells her he gave her the wrong results and she is actually fine.

She comes up with a wild plan to take a large sum of money and go to Hollywood to live the life she always wanted.  She throws caution to the wind because she only has a year to live.  No regrets??!!??

Charlotte has some detours along the way but finally makes her way to Hollywood.  As she begins her new life, she starts to figure out who she really is.

My Thoughts:

I took this book on a beach vacation because it sounded fun and honestly, it was a paperback that I wouldn’t mind throwing in the beach bag and getting a little wet and sandy.

In the end, it was the perfect book for the beach.  It was a light read and laugh out loud funny.  Charlotte went to extremes maybe the rest of us wish we could.  She decided to live out her dreams and found answers to some deep questions along the way.

If you like a funny, outlandish fun read, this book is for you!


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