The Night We Said Yes

The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi
Untitled-4Book Summary:

Matt and Ella had one amazing night together.  They met at a party one night and had an unforgettable evening of saying yes.

Then Matt disappeared.  No warning, no excuses…just gone.

When he turns up at a party a year later, Ella has a lot of unanswered questions for him.

In alternating chapters between the past and the present, we learn about first love, friendship and secrets.

My Thoughts:

I read a review that said this would be great for Sarah Dessen fans.  Being a Sarah Dessen fan, I was excited.  Unfortunately, I was let down.

I don’t mind alternating viewpoint chapters but I found this to be confusing.  I think it was because the only thing different about the viewpoints was if it was last year or this year so I found myself always confused about which one I was reading.

I didn’t find myself caring about the characters.  I will say I read this in the middle of a string of YA books that all were based on teenagers and partying so if I had read it at a different time, I might have a different point of view.

Sadly, I was disappointed.


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