Jumping Off Swings

Jumping Off Swings by Jo Knowles

jumping off the swingsBook Summary:

Ellie wants to feel loved.  She gets lured into their sweet talk and then they use her and throw her away.

Corinne is her best friend who sees her friend’s weaknesses but doesn’t know how to stop them.  Ellie acts like she is all for hooking up with guys but when it’s over, she always regrets it and is heartbroken.  Corinne wants to help her friend.

Josh is a virgin who is tired of the cool kids teasing him about never being with a girl.  They say Ellie is an easy girl, so he makes his move on her at a party.  He can’t get the look on her face as he left her afterwards out of his mind.

Caleb has always put Ellie on a pedestal.  He doesn’t understand why she gives herself to all these guys but he knows he would treat her different.

Told in alternative viewpoints of all four teenagers, this is the story of what happens when Ellie realizes she is pregnant and how all four of them handle the situation.

My Thoughts:

First of all, I loved See You at Harry’s so I was excited to read another book by Jo Knowles.  This book touches hard topics that need to be addressed.  I think there are a lot of girls like Ellie in every high school and reading this book could really help them.

The book touches on teen sex, partying, alcoholism, pregnancy, abortion and more.  Nothing is sugar coated or an easy fix.  It is treated like real life.  I really like how you see all four perspectives.  They all have important views that are worth hearing.

Get this in the hands of teenagers.  It could save their lives.



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