Confess by Colleen Hoover

confessBook Summary:

The book opens up when Auburn is 15 and she is saying goodbye to her first love, who is dying of cancer.

Skip ahead to Auburn, 21 years old, starting a career, making a life for herself, trying to make ends meet.

She is walking down the street one day trying to decide how she will pay her bills when she sees an interesting help wanted sign.  Before her eyes, the sign is changed to read that help is desperately needed.

Even though it goes against everything Auburn knows, she inquires about the job and meets Owen Gentry.

Owen is an eccentric artist who takes people anonymous confessions and turns them into paintings. Everything about him intrigues Auburn and her life is forever changed.

My Thoughts:

I had read Maybe Someday, another title from Colleen Hoover and fell in love with it so I was excited to read Confess.  It did not disappoint.  I was instantly interested in Auburn’s well-being and wanted to know more about her life.  There were twists and turns in the story line that I did not see coming.  I found myself on the edge of my seat and not able to put this book down as I was reading it.

When I checked this book out from the public library, the librarian told me she thought this was a good step for someone who liked YA but wanted to move more into adult stories.  I think she was exactly right.  It has an ease to it that makes you read for hours, putting aside all of your housework, letting your children be on the iPads too long, and none of it matters to you.  You just want to know what happened to Auburn.  (Not that that happened to me)  🙂



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