troublemakerTroublemaker by Leah Remini


This is the story of Leah Remini’s life and her struggle with Scientology.

The book starts at the beginning and tells how Leah’s mother was introduced to Scientology by a boyfriend.  She moved the entire family to Florida to become more advanced in Scientology and all the adventures along the way.

The book also chronicles Leah’s successes and failures in Hollywood with behind the scenes thoughts on King of Queens and The Talk.

My Thoughts:

First of all, I love Leah Remini, always have and always will.  As I read the book, I could hear her voice, like she was talking to me.

After watching Leah’s reality show, I felt like I already knew her family and that made the story even more real to me.  I found her family’s journey through Scientology to be extremely interesting.  As I was telling someone about it, they wondered why you wouldn’t see that so much of what the Scientology world was doing was crazy, but we all believe things that are probably far-fetched.  When people you trust and believe in, tell you what to do, you believe they have your best in mind.  The thing I found interesting is that I was reading a book about a journey through a religion and there wasn’t much reference to God. That should be a sign?

Being a reality-show junkie, celebrity-world, I loved all the behind the scenes information about her career and what really happened when she got fired from The Talk.

I have a lot of respect for Leah Remini for standing up for her family and really looking at what she believed in instead of just taking it all at face value.  I think that’s a challenge we should all take, not that we remove ourselves from our religious values, but that we make sure we believe the way we do because it is how we truly believe and not just because someone told us to.



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