Buzz Kill

buzz-killBuzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey


Millie gets assigned a boring story for the school newspaper about how safe the football stadium is when she, literally, runs into the dead body of the high school football coach.

The murder of the mystery coach is shocking but since he wasn’t very well liked, Millie actually made a hypothetical list of murder suspects long before this murder even happened.  It’s a shame that her own dad’s name even appears on her list.

Millie accidentally enlists the help of the mysterious school hunk, Chase, as they try to figure out how actually killed Coach Killdare.

My Thoughts:

I read this book because it is a 2016-2017 Truman Readers Award nominee.

I seem to be on a murder mystery kick lately, as I’ve read several middle school age books based on murder mysteries.  This one is one of the better ones.

I loved Millie’s voice.  She had a way of telling a story about a murder, which wouldn’t seem to be a funny event and bring humor to it.  She had me giggling out loud several times.

My only complaint about this book is that I felt that sometimes things would happen that really had no reason to happen unless they were a clue but then they wouldn’t end up being a clue, just a random thing.  I felt like it could have been strung together a little neater.

Kids will like it.


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