Night Road

night-roadNight Road by Kristin Hannah

As the book begins, we meet Lexi who is leaving a childhood of foster care to live with an aunt she has never met.  Her expectations are low as she expects her aunt to give up on her too.

Then we meet Jude and her twins, Mia and Zach, who seem to have the perfect life that Jude has created purposefully.

When Lexi and Mia become friends at school, Lexi learns quickly that 1) Mia has never had a real friend before AND 2) girls have pretended to be Mia’s friend in order to get closer to popular Zach, which is definitely a no-no.

Lexi and Zach have chemistry from the first moment they meet, but Lexi pushes her feelings aside in order to keep Mia’s friendship.

This is a typical story of three teens and their high school lives until one night a tragedy changes their lives forever.

This is a powerful story that although written for an adult audience has a lot of lessons that would be good for high school students to learn.  Even if you decide to make the best decision in a bad situation, things can go terribly wrong.

All the characters in this story have to move past the tragedy to find some sort of life.  They are all scarred and changed but some are able to hide the scars a little better than others.

This is the first book of Kristin Hannah’s that I have read, but I know it won’t be the last.


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