Winter Stroll

Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand

winterstrollPicture this…

It’s my month to host book club so with it being the holiday season, I’m looking for the perfect Christmas, winter book.  I’m walking through Target and Winter Stroll catches my eye.  I read a little bit of the summary on the back and decided it would be the perfect December read.

Imagine my surprise when I start reading the book one Sunday afternoon and realize that it is book #2 in a series.  I hate doing that!  I want to start a series at the beginning and read it all the way through.  I prefer if the entire series is already published so I don’t have to wait for the next book to come out.

It took a couple chapters to figure out all the characters in this book (since I hadn’t read #1) but I finally got them all straightened out.  Someone in book club mentioned, they thought about drawing a family tree diagram to help them.  I can see where that would have been helpful.

The story picks up with Mitzi, the second wife of the Quinn family, returning to Nantucket for the holidays and bringing along her new husband, the inn’s former Santa Claus, who is the cause of Kelley and Mitzi Quinn’s divorce.  Confused yet?  Don’t worry it all comes together.

Kelley is trying to figure out how to write his yearly Christmas letter. Should he explain that his second wife ran off with Santa Claus?  How about mentioning that he’s on much better terms with his first wife, Margaret, who happens to be a celebrity in the TV news world.  He could talk about how his son, Kevin, has a new baby with his girlfriend, or that his other son, is lost as war and on the front of everyone’s minds.  Not to mention that his daughter is finally dating a nice guy.

Once you get all of the characters straight, it is easy to fall in love with the Quinn family with all of their fun and mess that comes with them.  I wish I would have read the first book in the series, Winter Street, although some at book club thought book #1 took a little bit of time for you to figure out who everyone is.

Although it would have worked better to read the books in order, I think everyone in book club enjoyed this read.  It was definitely light hearted and a family you can really fall in love with.


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