What Was Mine

What Was Mine by Helen Klein Ross

what-was-mineHoly crap!

That is the best way to start this book review.  It is no secret that my “want to read” list is out of control.  I add books haphazardly and then as I work my way through the list, if I can’t get it at my public library or my school library, a lot of times I delete the books off my list unless the summary really intrigues me.

This summary intrigued me.  When I requested the Interlibrary Loan through my public library, the summary intrigued their librarian so much she ordered a copy for our library as well.

It did not disappoint.

As the book begins, we meet Lucy Wakefield, who’s biggest desire in life is to be a mother.  Her desire for a baby is so strong that it ruins her marriage.  She has a nursery all decorated and ready for the baby she desires so desperately but nature just doesn’t work in her favor.

One day, Lucy decides to go shopping at Ikea.  As she is walking through Ikea, she notices a baby sitting in a shopping cart all alone.  As the reader, we know that the baby’s mother, has stepped around the corner while taking a work call, but Lucy doesn’t know that so, without thinking, she picks the baby up and leaves.

We get to read this story from Lucy’s point of view, where her crazy is just logical enough that it makes sense.  Maybe she is saving this baby from a neglectful mother….  She’s probably going to take the baby back to her mother right???  But we also get to know the story from the birth mother’s point of view and the agony she feels as she loses her baby.

As Mia grows up with Lucy as her mother, we also see life through her eyes.  We learn about the story Mia tells her of how her teenage mother in Kansas wanted nothing to do with her so Lucy saved her…all the time as the reader, we know the truth.

This book was hauntingly amazing.  I found it hard to put down and had to find out how it ended.  Read it!  You won’t be disappointed!


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