It Ends With Us

it-ends-with-usIt Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover does it again!  I’ve read Confess and Maybe Someday and loved both of them.  After reading It Ends With Us, Colleen Hoover is moving right up into one of my favorite authors.  I’m going to have to get to reading all of her books!

In this book, we meet Lily.  Lily has not had the easiest life.  She grew up in a home where her dad was known to beat up her mom.  In fact, we first meet Lily as she has escaped to the roof of a building, right after her dad’s funeral.  She was asked to say a few nice words about her father and she found this task too difficult.

While on the roof, she meets Ryle.  A handsome, neurosurgeon who is quick to let Lily know he’s not the marrying kind.  He doesn’t ever see himself settling down but he’s up for a one night stand if she is.  Their night is cut short but neither of them can forget the encounter.

As the story progresses, Lily takes the time to go back and read her diary from when she was in high school.  While dealing with her own mess of a life, she notices there is a homeless boy squatting in the abandoned house behind hers.  A friendship begins and through her diary entries, we get to know Atlas, the homeless boy.

Hoover does a great job of combining the story of the past with what is going on in Lily’s world.  The conversation she had with Ryle, really made Lily question some things in her life and she decides to take a chance at a dream of hers, opening a flower shop.  Through opening this business she meets new people and watches her dream take off.  It makes the reader wonder if their own dreams are possible and if we all have better things around the corner.

Hoover’s style of writing is easy to read but not simple.  She packs a lot of emotion and thought into every sentence.  This book was a hard one to read because you wanted to root for love, but you were always guessing where true love was and what the right answers for the characters were going to be.  Sometimes the right choices aren’t always the easiest.

I can’t wait to read more Colleen Hoover!




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