The Nest

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

25781157.jpgI’m no stranger to the book world.  I try to stay up to date with the latest best-seller lists, new releases, and books that are getting a lot of buzz.

Sometimes I will read a book like The Selection by Kiera Cass and realize that I should have read it sooner.  When all different people that I knew told me to read it, I should be reading it.

Other times, I’ll pick up a book (many times an Oprah Book Club selection) and I won’t understand what the big deal is.  I’ll wonder why people liked Fifty Shades of Grey and didn’t realize it for the poorly written trash that it is (that’s probably another post for another day).

I have been seeing The Nest on lists for awhile and it has been on my to-read list for quite awhile.  I finally got around to reading it this week.

In The Nest, you meet the Plumb family.  Years ago, the patriarch of the Plumb family set a nice sum of money into a trust for his children.  This trust was to be given to the four children when the youngest Plumb sibling, Melody, turned forty.  Through some smart investments, this “nest” has turned into quite a sum of money that each sibling has been depending on through each of their separate circumstances.

Leo, the oldest Plumb son, is involved in a horrible accident that was totally his fault.  In order to make this accident go away, the Plumb children’s mother decided to use the “nest”.  The other children are outraged that she has used most of their inheritance, that they were counting on, because of Leo’s bad decisions.

We meet the rest of the Plumb children along the way.  Melody, a helicopter mom of two daughters who are getting ready to go to college, who hasn’t planned for her daughter’s college thinking the “nest” would be coming her way.  Bea’s husband passed away in the past few years and she has been trying to get her life back in order ever since.  Jack has been starting to drown in his antique business without telling his husband.

Leo has gotten himself out of rehab and knows he should help out his siblings, but is so absorbed in starting his life over, they become a side-note.  This is the story of family drama and how even though we are all involved in our own individual stories, they all combine into our family stories.

First of all, there are SO MANY people to keep track of in this book.  I know that I sometimes have trouble but this was insane.  The family is big but there are even more characters who you meet and learn about, that it is next to impossible to remember them all.  I was reading the last few pages and still having to remind myself who people were as I read their names.  That annoys me in a book.

This book kept my interest but I wasn’t excited to pick it up and see what happened.  I had really hoped that when I got to the end, it would be one of those books where everything fit together in a nice neat package and I would realize that everything I had learned about each character fit together so perfectly.  I did not get that feeling at the end.

Don’t get me wrong.  I did like the story and found it interesting.  I didn’t love it like I hoped that I would.


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