The Bridge from Me to You

the-bridge-from-me-to-youThe Bridge from Me to You by Lisa Schroeder

Lauren moves in with her uncle with a big secret.  Colby is the small town football star who wishes he loved football as much as the town loved him.

This book is narrated from both Lauren and Colby.  I enjoyed how Lauren’s perspective is mainly written in novel in verse while Colby’s perspective is written in paragraph form.

As the reader, we know Lauren has had some trouble with her mother and that’s why she has moved in with her uncle, but the whole story unravels slowly throughout the book.

Lauren and Colby meet and as their relationship grows, we learn more about what makes both of them tick and maybe just how much they need each other.

I felt like this was a quick read that I would love to put in the hands of my reluctant readers.  There is a football element that will keep the guys reading (if they can get past the cover) and also a little romance, but nothing too steamy.

Lisa Schoeder has always been a favorite of a lot of my reluctant readers.  I had never read one of her books that I can remember but I definitely see what the attraction is.


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