Perfect Escape

perfect-escapePerfect Escape by Jennifer Brown

Kendra’s life has revolved around her brother for as long as she can remember.  Grayson’s world is overwhelmed by his OCD and it makes ripples all through their family.

Kendra has many memories of having to go to the rock quarry and retrieve her brother from where he sat counting rocks.  Grayson has just gotten home from rehab so when Kendra’s world starting crumbling around her and she heads to the quarry to try to figure things out, she is surprised to find Grayson counting rocks.

Kendra can’t make herself go home to face the fate her bad decisions have caused so she makes a rash decision to keep driving instead of going home.  Kendra and Grayson end up on a wild roadtrip that will teach them a lot about themselves and each other.

I enjoyed this book. It probably wasn’t my favorite Jennifer Brown book, but I thought it was a good story. I’m still wondering how their parents reacted to all that they went through  



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