Talking as Fast as I Can

talking-as-fastTalking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

Who doesn’t love Gilmore Girls?  Am I right?  When you add Parenthood into the equation, Lauren Graham has to be one of my favorite TV actresses.

This book is a memoir of Lauren Graham’s memories of making Gilmore Girls and her diary journal of her time making Gilmore Girls:  A Year in the Life.

She gives background information that makes you love Loralei even more.

Lauren takes a look back through the original Gilmore Girls seasons and makes comments and gives background commentary throughout. It made me need to revisit my old friends as well.

She talks about how although there were many internet rumors about a reunion, she really didn’t find out until right before they started shooting.  Her diary of her days making A Year in the Life was fun to get a glimpse into a show I love so much.

I read this book really fast, probably because I figured that’s how Lauren would tell me the stories.  If you love Gilmore Girls, pick this book up!


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