The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year

andy cohenThe Andy Cohen Diaries:  A Deep Look at a Shallow Year by Andy Cohen

I enjoy memoirs of famous people.  I have a quite tainted view of my relationships with people I only know from television.  I forget we aren’t real friends and that I only watch them, that there’s no engagement happening.

I’m a Real Housewife junkie.  I’ve watched them all since the beginning.  I actually started with the first season of the Orange County girls when I would be up late with my infant daughter, who is now 11, for hours on end.  I was instantly hooked.  Not only do I DVR all of them, but I have a slight problem.  They have the same effect on me that MTV’s Real World used to have on me in college.  If I sit down to watch a marathon, I can forget about getting anything else done for the day.

I’m also a huge Andy Cohen fan.  I can let the fact that he is a die-hard Cardinals fan slip by #raisedroyal.  My friend and I went to Andy and Anderson Cooper’s live show last fall and it was as amazing as I thought it would be.

Pair that with listening to his book on audio, and I was in heaven.  Andy, if you read this, I’ve spent many hours wondering why I’m not working as a Real Housewife analyst like they have for sports.  I would be your girl if you ever need someone to critique any of the girls.

I love that Andy is real.  He shows us his good points and his not-so-good points.  I love that because it was an audiobook, he could use his Cher impersonations and others while telling us the stories.  As I listened to him, I really felt like I was listening to an old friend tell me stories of his day.  Pair that with my already slightly blurred lines of reality television and my life, and I was set.

Most of the time while I listened to this book, I was walking and I found myself laughing out loud, probably looking like an idiot through most of this book but it was definitely worth it.

I can’t wait to read his other books, but I am on the waiting list for them.


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