The Cuckoo’s Calling

16160797The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

This is a book club selection chosen for me.  I was excited to read it when I found out Robert Galbraith is actually the pseudonym for J.K. Rowling.

Detective Cormoran Strike is having a bit of bad luck.  His women just kicked him out and his private investigation company is not far from falling apart.  He literally runs into his new temp secretary, which he meant to cancel because he can’t afford her as he chases his ex-girlfriend out the door.

Later that afternoon, his luck seems to turn around when John Bristow walks through his door needing help.  John’s sister was a famous model who fell tragically to her death from her apartment balcony.  John is convinced that she didn’t actually fall, that she was pushed to her death.  There are several parts of the story that don’t add up and John wants Detective Strike to take the case.  When Strike tries to politely decline, John offers him a crazy amount of money so Detective Strike takes the case.

The story follows Detective Strike and his new secretary as they try to unweave the tangled web that is the life and death of Lula Landry.  Who is telling the truth and who is covering up details to save their own face?

I enjoyed the mystery of Lula’s death but at times felt the story dragged on.  They seemed to interview millions of people and get lots of details that didn’t end up to be pertinent to the story.  I found myself forgetting who different characters were as they interviewed more and more people.

I found Strike to be a likable character.  He reminded me of a down on his luck character you might find in a John Grisham book.  There were a little too many details for my preference but I did stick with the book because I had to know what actually happened to Lula Landry.


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