Map Trap

map trapThe Map Trap by Andrew Clements

Alton Barnes has always loved maps.  It must have been his destiny since he was named on the way to the hospital by looking at a list of towns in Illinois.

In his spare time, Alton makes his own maps.  It’s amazing the type of data you can get on a map, everything from what your teacher things/talks about, how many times the principal says “um” while on the announcements, and which cafeteria meals make the most students head to the bathroom.

You can imagine Alton was about to have a nervous breakdown after he decides to show a classmate one of his secret maps and shortly after that, his maps go missing!  If some of those maps get in the wrong hands, Alton could be in a heap of trouble.  Then the ransom notes start appearing.  Alton is now at the mercy of the kidnapper to get his maps back.

I listened to this audiobook with my children on a roadtrip.  It took around two hours to listen to it and we all enjoyed it.  Andrew Clements always does a great job of writing an interesting story that everyone can enjoy.


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